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Lunacon 2014
The 57th Annual Convention of the New York Science Fiction Society
March 14 - 16, 2014 Westchester Hilton, Rye Brook, NY
New York's Longest-Running Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention


2014, Sep 5th

Official Announcement regarding the future of Lunacon and the Lunarians

As of this time and date, there is no official announcement to report other than that a meeting of the New York Science Fiction Society has been called.
The Lunarians members as of our last official meeting (2008) have been sent meeting notices and the Committee and Staff members of Lunacon have been sent the meeting details and an invitation to attend as non-voting observers.
The meeting will be held within the next 2 weeks, and based upon the decision reached there, further announcements will be made.
At this time, I would like to ask that all further speculations, suggestions, questions, etc, be held until such time as the Lunarians have reached a decision. Thank you for your patience.

Very truly yours,

Joshua D. Goldberg
New York Science Fiction Society - The Lunarians, Inc.


Lunacon Lost and Found

Ever get the feeling that some of your gear vanished into a black hole somewhere in Rye Brook during March?  Our Lost and Found is holding onto found items from the past Lunacon and from years long ago.  If you think you may have misplaced something at the Hilton, send an email to with a description of the item.


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What You Need To Know For The Weekend

Come to Lunacon 2014, a venerable gathering of fans and purveyors of Science, Science Fiction, Fantasy and other "Genre" interests!  Attend and participate in panels discussing your favourite topics by day, and engage in a varietous social atmosphere by night.
Lunacon features author readings, writing workshops, crafting workshops, an art show and auction, a costume contest, a dealers' room with genre-related merchandise, a tabletop gaming room, video presentations, movie trailers, fan meetups, fighting demos, and the best Con Suite in all of New York State!

Are you new to this particular kind of event?  Read A Brief History of Fandom for a recap on how this culture started, and then go over and learn a bit about What We Are and how we differ from other kinds of geeky gatherings!  Then, if you find that Lunacon appeals to you, you can check out our map of similar conventions worldwide.
Latest News

2014, March 12

Stoked for participating in or photographing for the Masquerade (costume contest)?  Due to recent policy changes both entrants and fan photographers need to register for the masquerade.

Fill in the Masquerade Registration Form if you'd like to be up on stage Saturday night to show what you've got!

If you're a photographer, you must fill in the Masquerade Fan Photographer Release

2014, March 11

In case you missed it, Lunacon's Online Schedule was put up yesterday!  You can reach it at any time via, from the Media or Programming pages, near the top of this page, or on any page in the Programming menu (we also might tape it onto flyer boards at the convention, or tattoo it onto our arms.... seriously, we want you to be able to easily find it!).  It's based on KonOpas, an open source, mobile-friendly guide for conventions (and one that was created by someone in Fandom!).  While it's web-based, as long as you load it initially, you can use it with a poor Internet connection or even without a connection at all, because when you select items to put into your personalized schedule, they're stored on your mobile device.

Clicking on any title will give you that event's description, and clicking on the square to the left of a title will add it to your personalized list of events, which is viewable in the My con tab.  The "Next" tab will show what events are happening next on the current day.

You can also use the guide to get Quick Reference Info on locations and open hours for our rooms and function spaces.

2014, March 4

Only 2^6 hours remain until Lunacon!  To keep you aware of impending nerdery, we have instituted a countdown of remaining hours and minutes in binary as well as in your more conventional, wetware-based timing system.  :)

2014, March 3

Interested in learning more about which fun and interesting groups will be present at Lunacon in less than two weeks?  Check out our pages on a few choice performers and fan groups:

ZEN Productions, for your shadowcasting needs, performing Rocky Horror and Repo!
IchiP!, an internationally televised J-pop inspired dance troupe.
The Rebel Legion and the 501st Legion, Star Wars costuming groups that perform good deeds for charity!

Programming is working hard on adding lots of fun to the weekend!  Stay tuned for further information on upcoming scheduled panels and events....

2014, March 3

Gaming podcast The Real Basement Dwellers took some time aside to interview some of the top brass behind the operations of Lunacon. Like Podcasts? Want to learn more about how Lunacon happens from the perspective of its highest-level gamers? Check out the podcast! Chatter about Lunacon starts up at around the 14 minute mark, but it's preceded by some fun console wars nostalgia that video gamers will want to hang along for. Enjoy the interview, then come in later this month to enjoy the largest tabletop gaming library of a non-gaming-specific convention on the East Coast.

Update to the podcast: Since the recording, Lunacon has brought onboard New York Jedi and The New York Lightsaber Academy. See them at their Fan Table, keep yourself in shape with a mid-morning, Force-based workout, and check out their performance of excerpts from the original play, "The Jedi Macbeth".

2014, March 1

Fans unite!  Three other conventions, three future Worldcon bids, and four nearby organizations now have Confirmed Fan Tables in the Westchester Assembly (Meeting Level, see Floorplan for details).  If you'd like for your group to have their own table representing them, it's easy to make a request for one!  They're free for other conventions and for charitable organizations.

2014, January 31
Important site updates: Our list of Program Participants has now been added to the Programming menu above. Check it out to see who will be speaking on a variety of topics including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Science, Anime, Gaming, Geek Culture, and more! Also, there have been an important and anticipated revisions made to the Policies page, and gamers can check out the Game Vault, which lists some of the great games that our Game Room will be starting out with on Lunacon Friday!
2014, January  6
The Lunacon Hotel block is now open.  Book your room now or check our Hotel page for more details!
2013, December 9
Interested in getting your group or convention represented at Lunacon?  We've now updated our pages with helpful information to guide you.  You can now sign up to run your own room party, or you can check out how to get your group set up with a Fan Table or learn where information about your group or convention can be given out.
2013, October 7
Lunacon welcomes Ryk E. Spoor as our 2014 Writer Guest of Honor!
2013, July 10
The Pre-registration form is now available in the Registration Section.  Sign up before the end of November for extra low rates!
We are overjoyed to welcome Randy Gallegos as our Artist Guest of Honor for 2014.  And it's great to have another run at Michael F. Flynn -- you can read a most excellent use of the word "claustrophile" in 2013's Guest of Honor speech at his own website.